Lead Climbing Course

Lead Climbing Course

Our Lead Climbing Course in Pembrokeshire is run on the amazing Sea Cliffs of our Coastal National Park, in a sublime and unspoilt setting. A diverse range of cliffs mean there’s something for everyone. Rock Climbing in Pembrokeshire is World famous for good reason, and coming on one of our Lead Climbing Course could be the best decision you make!

On our Trad Lead Climbing Course, you’ll learn amongst much more:

  • placing a range of protection
  • rigging abseils and belays
  • personal movement skills
  • mental preparation
  • emergency procedures
  • climb some classic Rock Climbs!
lead climbing course pembrokeshire

Lead Climbing Course in Pembrokeshire

2 DAY COURSE – ₤150pp – min/max 2 – June 26/27,  August 18/19, September 29/30, October 6/7, 13/14, 27/28, November 3/4 

3 DAY COURSE –  £220pp – min/max 2 –  May 26/27/28,  June 8/9/10,  August 25/26/27,  August 31/September 1/2, September 28/29/30, October 5/6/7, October 27/28/29, November 2/3/4 

5 DAY COURSE – ₤350pp – min/max 2 –  May 14-18,  June 11-15,  June 18-22, June 26-30,  August 20-26,  September 24-28, October 1-5, 8-12, Oct 29-Nov 2, November 5-9

Already a Trad Lead Climber? Do you have the skills to look after yourself and your partner properly on Sea-Cliffs or Multi-Pitch Climbs? What about if something went wrong? You should look at our Crag Rescue Course below…

Why come on a Trad Lead Climbing Course with us?

Being full member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, you are assured the highest qualified, most experienced and professional Mountaineering Instructors – experts at the top of their game… We work on Rock Climbing Instructor Training and Assessment courses, meaning we train the trainers if you like.. A lifetime on the cliffs throughout 6 of the Earths Continents has given us a deep passion and understanding of the skills you need to be safe and have fun out there – and we love enabling others to do what we do!

Crag Rescue Course in Pembrokeshire

Are you already lead climbing but feel you could benefit from the knowledge of how to rescue yourself and your partner if that worse case scenario ever occurred?  It could be how to safely get yourself into and out of a sea cliff climb, or how to rescue a fallen and injured leader or second from a multi-pitch crag.  This is a course that every climber owes it to their partner to do and it will be the best money you ever spent if god forbid anything ever happened.  Skills learnt would include advanced prussiking, getting up, down and across on a rope, hoisting, re-belays and other advanced rope trickery.  This 1 day course might also include climbing some great routes! We can easily (and would recommend) extending this to a two day course.  We will be based in Pembrokeshire for this course.

Prerequisites: Must be a competent trad lead climber.

Dates: Days on request so get in touch!

Cost: ₤75pp min 2 max 6 – Discounts for clubs/groups, ask when enquiring…

Self Rescue for Climbers Course in Pembrokeshire

Self Rescue for Climbers Course in Pembrokeshire

Private Guiding

Any private guided day is totally dictated by you.  It might be you love climbing but don’t want to lead, or are getting back into things after a break and want to do so in a safe environment, if you want to do that classic route or climb to that spectacular summit, get in touch with us to discuss your plans.

Dates: On request

Cost: ₤180 per day, min 1, max 3, you split the cost

Guided Climbing day in Pembrokeshire

Guided Climbing day in Pembrokeshire

Check out the Association of Mountaineering Instructors website to see what you’re getting when you use a member of the AMI. The best, most qualified and experienced Instructors for rock climbing in the UK. Experts in their field…

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