Self Rescue Skills

Self Rescue Skills

How are your self rescue skills? Be honest with yourself.. Are you already lead climbing but feel you could benefit from the knowledge of some Self Rescue Skills, for you and your partner if that worse case scenario ever occurred?  It could be how to safely get yourself into and out of a sea cliff climb, or how to rescue a fallen and injured leader or second from a multi-pitch crag. Our Self Rescue Skills Course is something that every climber owes it to their partner to do and it will be the best money you ever spent if god forbid anything ever happened.

General topics covered include:

  • Abseiling into a sea-cliff safely
  • Getting yourself up a fixed line
  • Descending and ascending past a knot on an abseil rope
  • Hoisting a stuck/injured climber
  • Escaping the system to preform a rescue/get help
  • Getting a casualty off a cliff

We can easily (and would recommend) extending this to a two day course.  We will be based in Pembrokeshire for this course.

Pre-requisites: You need to be a confidant trad lead climber.

Dates: Days on request so get in touch!

Cost: ₤70pp min 2 max 6 – Discounts for clubs/groups, please ask when enquiring..

Self Rescue Skills for Climbers in Pembrokeshire...

Self Rescue Skills for Climbers in Pembrokeshire…


Why come on a Climbing Self Rescue Skill Course with us?

Being full member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, you are assured the highest qualified, most experienced and professional Mountaineering Instructors – experts at the top of their game… We work on Rock Climbing Instructor Training and Assessment courses, meaning we train the trainers if you like.. A lifetime on the cliffs throughout 6 of the Earths Continents has given us a deep passion and understanding of the skills you need to be safe and have fun out there – and we love enabling others to do what we do!

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