Scrambling courses in Snowdonia

Scrambling Courses in Snowdonia

We run Scrambling Courses in Snowdonia – perfect if you’re a hill-walker that’s always looked at those steeper ridges and fancied heading up there but not quite felt you have the skill to do so safely. A Scrambling Course in Snowdonia with us will equip you with the skills to keep yourself safe and be confidant on steeper ground.  Grade 1 scrambles wouldn’t generally require the use of a rope, and are well within the grasp of any sensible hill-walker.  Based in Snowdonia, we will leave you with a solid grounding in route choice, risk assessment, the rockier mountain environment and equipment choice.  This 2 day course will leave you with the skills to safely tackle these amazing routes on your own.  A good level of fitness is required for this course. Ask to extend this course to 3/4 days!

2 DAY COURSE – ₤125pp – min 2 max 4 –  September 9/10, September 30/October 1, October 14/15   

scrambling and navigation courses wales

Scrambling and Navigation Courses in Snowdonia, Wales

Advanced Scrambling Courses in Snowdonia

If you’re a climber that wants to become a solid mountaineer and venture further afield, or an experienced hill walker with some experience of scrambling, then there is so much to learn to keep yourself safe in this dynamic environment.  Grade 2/3 scrambles most likely require the use of a rope but with some different methods to rock climbing, and there are lots of other things going on that a whole plethora of new skills need to be learned to keep yourself safe.  On this 2 or 5 day course, you will learn heaps of new rope work skills, perhaps tying in to a rope and belaying will be new to you?  Gear placement, belay creation, risk assessing, route choice, equipment use and how to retreat from a scramble will be covered, along with a whole host of other hill skills.  We will ascend many of the classic scrambles of the mountains of Snowdonia.  This 2 or 5 day course takes place in Snowdonia and will require a good level of fitness.

To give you an idea of the skills you’ll learn, check out this excellent BMC video…

2 DAY COURSE – ₤150pp – min 2 max 2 –  September 9/10, September 30/October 1, October 14/15

5 DAY COURSE – ₤350pp –  min 2 max 2 –  August 28-September 1, September 4-8, September 18-22, October 2-6, October 9-13, October 16-20

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Advanced Scrambling Courses in Snowdonia

Advanced Scrambling Courses in Snowdonia

Guided Hill Walks and Scrambles

If you, your friends or family want a day out in the hills, either walking without having the stress of navigating and planning for yourselves, or perhaps tackling a scramble together that you might not want to undertake on your own, then we can help!  Any day is tailored to your level and desires, but might include a classic hill walk, or a scramble to an inspiring summit in Snowdonia.  Get on touch to discuss!

Dates: On request.

Cost: ₤150 per day, min 1 max depending on activity, you split the cost!

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