Cliff Camping in Pembrokeshire

Cliff Camping in Pembrokeshire

Are you coming Camping in Pembrokeshire? How about a different campsite? Cliff Camping in Pembrokeshire will make your holiday unforgettable!

Have you seen pictures of climbers scaling the Big Walls in Yosemite National Park and thought it’d be cool to have a go at a bit of Cliff Camping and sleep dangling off a rockface?! Camping on the side of a cliff, on a super stable and safe Portaledge, is without doubt one of the coolest climbing experiences you can have. We first went Cliff Camping over 8 years ago in Yosemite whilst climbing El Capitan, and thought it might be cool to bring it home to Pembrokeshire! If you think that spending the night sleeping on a Portaledge, Cliff Camping above the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean is for you, then read on…

Cliff Camping in Pembrokeshire... Portaledge set up at Carreg y Barcud here..

Cliff Camping in Pembrokeshire… Portaledge set up at Carreg y Barcud here…

What is a Cliff Camping?

After we set up the Portaledge and secure it safely to the cliff, you’ll receive enough instruction to make your stay on the ledge safe and enjoyable. Once you’ve settled onto the ledge, safe in a climbing harness, you’ll begin to relax as you watch the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re lucky we might spot some Seals, Porpoises or Dolphins, and certainly plenty of sea birds. Perhaps you’ll have a glass of wine (just a small one mind!) to go with your evening picnic, before you settle into your sleeping bags with a hot chocolate. In the morning, coffee and breakfast will wake you up on the ledge ready for a full day of Adventuring in Pembrokeshire. You might choose to climb with us the day before and after your night on the Ledge, but you can come out to simply experience a night like no other – Cliff Camping.

Relaxing on the Portaledge with a coffee, Cliff Camping in Pembrokeshire..

Relaxing on the Portaledge with a coffee, Cliff Camping in Pembrokeshire..

What is a Portaledge and what experience do I need?

A collapsible framed camp-bed made to rigorous safety parameters, used on cliffs throughout the world. We use the Metolious Bomb Shelter Double Portaledge. You will have space for 2 of you on this super tough ledge. We’ll be on the cliff top above, out of sight so you have privacy during your stay, but a quick walkie-talkie call away should you need anything. You will be sleeping in a harness, securely attached to the anchors. We will give you an opportunity to go to the toilet before bed, and throughout the night we will be able to assist you to the cliff top should you need it!

You don’t need any climbing experience at all to experience Cliff Camping, but a head for heights could be handy! We can combine it with a day or two Guided Introduction to Climbing, a Learn to Lead Climb Course or even some Aid Climbing Coaching, ready for that big trip to Yosemite!

Cliff Camping Portaledge in Pembrokshire Wales

Cliff Camping on El Capitan – your Portaledge Camp in Pembrokeshire won’t be quite this exposed!

What do I need to bring Cliff Camping?

Aside from warm clothes and a sleeping bag, we will supply everything, but don’t forget the essential camera! The ledge itself can be fully covered up with a waterproof outer should it be damp at all, but bring clothes to suit the weather and footwear to walk out along the Coast path. If the weather is forecast to be really bad we can re-arrange the night to a suitable alternative. Oh and whatever evening entertainment you might like on the ledge!

Cliff Camping Packages and Prices

Night on The Ledge – £400

1 day Climbing + 1 Night on The Ledge – £500

2 days Climbing + 1 Night on The Ledge – £600

Prices are for 2 people, including Supper, Breakfast and warm drinks during your night on the ledge. We will meet you a few hours before sunset, and aim to be back around 8.30am unless you’re climbing with us the next day!

Get in touch to enquire about having your own Cliff Camping Adventure with us! Dates available throughout the year on request.

Here’s a video that the guys at TreaderTube made of their Portaledge Cliff Camping trip with us. Hate seeing myself on screen but it’s a bit of fun, and a little “overdramatized” for film! The weather is usually much better for us – honest!

Why come Cliff Camping with us?

Being full members of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and holding the MIA award, you are assured the highest qualified, most experienced and professional Climbing Instructors in the UK. Alongside this, our personal climbing experience is vast, having climbed and worked on 6 different Continents, with many thousands of big Climbs and Mountains behind us. We are highly active climbers in Pembrokeshire, having put up many new routes here over the years, and are proud to call it home! Come and share an adventure with us!

Climbing Salathe Wall, El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park...

Climbing Salathe Wall, El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park…

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